Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sumthing bout me...

Name: Nor Nafis Danial Shazwih b. Abd Rahim
Nick Name: Nafisz DanieL
Birthday: ApriL 25th , 1988
Age: sweet 18 ;)
Eye Color: DarK BrowN
Hair Color: DarK BroWN
Height: BetweeN 5"10
Open or Narrow Minded: Im OpeN MindeD All RitE~! HahA!
Right Handed or Left Handed: Both!!
Shoes Size: 9 And 10 *BotH* HahA!
Weakness: DonnO La ;p
Fears: MOUSE! ;D
Foods: Pizza (Super supreme & choc)
Drinks: JuiceS & MiLO! ;D
Color: Blue ReD BlacK!
Type Of Songs: UNIVERSAL ;D
Actor: To Many La ;p
Actress: to manY la ;D
Sport: BowLinG,swiMmiNg & GoLf :)
Martial Art: Taek Won Do (blue belt) x terror lorh!!!
Quote: YessZZzzzzzzaAaaaaaaaaaaa.....
Goal That Would Like To Achieve This Year: SuccesS In EverythinG wuT i dO~
Single or Group Dates: DoesnT ReallY MatteR La.. BotH Are FuN! HahA!
Drink: NoP..
Smoke: NoP..Waste Of MoneY AnD MesS Up YouR HealtH
Zodiac Sign: Taurus da superb :)

Extremely eighteens, here goes me, stand as Nafisz Daniel a.k.a Mikey (Mai-key) Born to be great on April 25th,1988, absolute x-factor dudes!! My DNA's mixed with Arabic + Malay and Chinese Oriental..

Still study, proudly studying at International University College Of Technology Twintech a.k.a IUCTT which majored in Videography. Hopefully, One day I can be a professional Videographer, practicing my skills into white screen!!

Me into universal style... sounds like salamander or something, but when u got that lines into ur rebelium, it will change u as a person who is brilliantly open minded, willing to learn new knowledge and everyday I`ll pray to Allah swt to guide me to improve the way my life will drive… I love myself, my scooter-car-charge and passionate any vibrant colors such red, black, and purple.. Dun ask me why, coz creative people never blame themselves to deeply love their color!! It’s kinda my own brand in myself! My fov lepak-places will be at McDonalds, A&W, Starbucks and fov brand for my wardrobe are 3point6, Zara and Radio-Active..

Love is always tremendously tunes into my life, that’s make my life perfect coz I knew, somewhere out there, somebody who I love really love me!! I L♥ve my parents, granny, sista, cousins, my honey boo and of course a frens who gave their support to me..

Dun worry, I’m a damn friendly person, poser a little bit but as one wise men said dun just hear, feel it, learn it, and then… u can see!! It’s wasted if u trying hard to be perfect then u look damn stupid rite?!? but im not.. trust me.. !!! Nafisz Out!!

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