Tuesday, March 27, 2007

is honesty the best policy?

is honesty the best policy?

so i've approached this new adventure with a "what you see is what you get" approach. no false pretenses, no costume masks. i was never really that great at acting anyways.

no matter how hard it is to tell the truth, of my past, of how i feel, of what i see, it comes out unfiltered. it's my past, my thoughts, and be it good or bad, it's part of me, and i should share it, right?

sure sounds good, doesn't it? Theoretically, it's good. very "hollywood movie"-like. but then i was sitting there this afternoon, thinking, and we all know nothing good ever comes out of that.

honesty is good, but opening up like this, isn't this just somewhat setting up myself for all kinds of pain? plus, there goes my whole "mysterious and hard to grasp" angle.

sure, it's not an optimistic view of things, but i'm sure that one has to consider the possibility. i do not pretend to know what'll happen. it's a chance i'm taking, i reckon, and no matter what goes down, i guess i can always say i did it my way.
-Honesty is always giving u a risk?but who care?

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