Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life part 2

Why life has to be this difficult ?!

Not everyone in this world leads a charming life. As 4 me,i just hope that my life wont be this difficult. But unfortunetly, u will not always get what u wish for. Indeed sometimes i just feel i want to throw away all my problems & let my life be normal again. No problems, no loser people around me & the most important thing, a family that truly understands. But i guess u cant hope that much if u urself did not even want to contribute anything in order to remedy ur life back. Its kind of silly to be happy outside but inside u feel like dying. I dunno what i really want in this life. Eventhough i have a dreams that needs to be fullfill, but half of my dreams is to satisfy my parents wishes. So u see,its not 100% my dreams. So when can i get the opportunity to do things that i like. When will the time comes? 2 years from now, 5 years maybe or even 10 years. I just hope that it wont be that long....

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