Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life part 1

Life. . .

Most important thing Nafisz percaya in someones life should be themselves, its the only thing that u fully control, health, fulus, frens can all be changed with out u governing the changes at all, contohnya mcm apapun natural disaster....

not enough people consider self awareness, knowing yourself makes it easier to know and understand others, & can make u invulnerable to many types of emotional pain, & be more capable of sorting through you and others peoples problems.

LOLX dont get me started on the problems with religion
- u dont believe in god u go to hell, believing other gods is a sin - god is more a figure of power than any type of justice.
- heaven just has everything u like, hell has everything u hate - that doesnt make sense & there would be no purpose in living if it were like that

a person should only really grieve over those they know, no one has time to mourn utk sesapa dalam dunia that dies and instead of trying to aid people who are in famine or wateva they should care for those around them, more people u be nice to more chance it will cause an influence.

rap sucks it is created by people who are moraly retarded and promotes stupid things like being a player "hey did you get some, and that is so dumb"

second most important thing to u should be other peoples lives, live for 2 years without seeing anyone and u will realize how much material things dont matter, you can always have pride in making an effort for the greater good, and if u`re less materialistic and sacrificial chances are you'll save money to as u`ll probably not be influenced by temptation as often

hehe i got bored so thought i would write somethings i`ll probably write some more later since i wasn`t even really in a deep mood or anything now, err ttyl my two handed friends... chiowss.


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