Monday, May 21, 2007

Everythings seems corky, life for all u noe its harder that u thought...

Lately i've been feeling lost. Lost in this world where i can't realy understand things that going on to me lately. Everything that i do seems utterly useless. My closest frens thinks that i have somehow develop a new character despite all the shortcomings that i've gone through this past few months. Ooh god, i've been lying about how i realy feel to my love ones, frens and worst, my self. Running away may sounds easy but it is not an option. If i can just be in a different place & of course not seeing people that i see evryday here, it would make a lots of difference. I think i can actualy build up my new confidence in me. But of course, i cant always get what i want. Why do i have to be in this kind of state. Dear god, pls, pls make me go through this ordeal for another 9 godforsaken months. I noe its like forever, but if i can get my life back, it wold be wonderful.


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