Friday, September 12, 2008


She asked me, "What do you like about me".
I have no perfect, objective answer at that moment. I just know that she's the one. After scutinizing and thinking objectively, here are some reasons why she's so special. It may sound corny, but here goes ;

1) her friendly and bubbly personality.
2) her forgiving and understanding nature.
3) able to see the goodness in others, empathatic person.
4) she trusts me in everything I do.
5) the way she says "sayang" and "comel". =)
6) her hot, smouldering good looks.
7) same interest in music & etc
8) she lets me be chivalrous
9) the way she carries herself well
10) she loves unconditionally
11) comfortable and nice to relax / hang out with.


honeydontspeak said...

sape perempuan itu?
i nak tawwww..

iSe said...

sape ni bro?...ckp xde awekz.. hehee